Corporate development

Understanding the key drivers and identifying successful avenues for growth for your business are fundamental elements in corporate development. Willow Tree holds a sophisticated understanding of these components as well the importance of mergers and acquisitions for creating competitive advantage. This enables us to develop a refined long-term strategy for your company, with clear targets that can constantly be reappraised.

Willow Tree can help strengthen your portfolio and build your development capability by sourcing the technologies and products that will help you succeed in any given market, increasing your ability to enter new markets or become more competitive in your existing ones. We can also handle the regulatory or legal issues arising in new markets by performing the technical or commercial due diligence involved, whether this is concerning products, ventures or manufacturing processes.

By identifying products and services that have strayed from your principal markets and do not align with the core values of your business, we can assist in streamlining your offering, ensuring you never lose sight of your core strategy or neglect your highest-performing markets.

Partnerships and joint ventures are a critical dimension of corporate development and an area the Willow Tree team are well-versed in. Complimentary partnerships can play a major role in tackling new and complex markets and should be the cornerstone of any corporate strategy. We can advise on the right partners who possess the essential skills and knowledge required by your business, whether that be in technology, products, marketing or sales.