Market development


New markets pose significant challenges for enterprises, despite whether these markets are emerging, mature or in transition. At Willow Tree we have the capabilities and contacts to carry you and your brand into a target market, overcoming any barriers that may arise.

From cultural differences, to regulatory obstacles, we have the established core skills and relationships on a global scale to tackle any market. With an international network of ‘on the ground’ sources, we can provide that crucial insight and understanding of your proposed market in order to drive your company quickly forward and gain an edge over your competitors.

We understand that success is often dependent on getting off the ground quickly and efficiently, with the right strategy for sales, marketing and product development. In place of carrying out lengthy studies or extensive research, we instead focus on providing real insight into your target market.

Willow Tree provides a clearly defined and flexible approach that helps company executives gain a wider and more realistic perspective on their potential markets. We transfer the required expertise to your senior managers so they can use this information to find the right contacts, identify the best products, optimize their decisions and implement policies that lead their organizations to success.

After market entry has successfully been accomplished, our expert team then looks to develop and build the new market for accelerated growth and lasting success. In the event of any complications after market entry, our team is poised and ready to act quickly and restore growth at the first signs of flat revenues or declining sales. We do this by expanding existing markets or introducing new products, whilst at the same helping you identify which products are selling well from your portfolio and which are underperforming.

Our study will also analyse your customers and rank them by revenue, identifying which are the key contributors. Through further data mining we can then discover which customers are going to be vital for future success, working out how best to build on your existing relationships with them. This information can also identify how to target and capture customers from rival companies through enticing offers.

Willow Tree is equipped to tackle today’s increasingly complex and rapidly changing global market, ensuring that you get the best return on your investment across customer relationship management, marketing and product development.