Company profile

Willow Tree is a boutique investment consultancy providing independent advice and deal-making support to technology entrepreneurs, corporations and investors in the areas of growth financing and M&A.

Our team in Europe and the US are seasoned in what it takes to build a business in the technology sector, how to stand out and get the necessary attention to be able to succeed. We use this expertise as a foundation when advising our clients in their fundraising or M&A activities.

Through our journey as entrepreneurs and advisors we have built up a unique set of relationships with investors and industry partners who, like us, are passionate about the technology sector and we constantly interact with our community and present opportunities for them that we believe is right for them as well as right for our clients.

We pride ourselves in building long-term relationships, and for our start-up clients we live the pain from the initial seed fundraise through later growth stages and ultimate looking at exit options and for our late stage clients we provide the outside perspective and the necessary access to opportunities to grow the business via access to growth funding or by acquisitions and when the time is right we support with exit alternatives.